Another Free Genealogy Resource for Indiana

As I've mentioned before, some of my maternal line comes from Indiana, specifically the Evansville area. Recently while searching for old maps of the area, I came across another free genealogy resource for the area. Historic Evansville offers visitors a glimpse of the city in the past.

Moving from left to right on the homepage is the categories Maps, Categories and Photo Gallery. The maps tab offers links to various maps including district maps, historical maps and Sanborn maps.

One of the real finds on this tab was the list of streets. Many sites offer maps, a few offer a list of streets, but very little offer a list of both current and historic streets. One thing I really enjoyed about the street list is that you could click on the street name and find out more about it, including name and addressing changes, and churches, businesses, etc on that particular street.

Skipping ahead to the photo gallery, you find a random sampling of twenty pictures of the area. You can reload the page to see more. While I enjoyed seeing the pictures, they were a bit scattered.

Then I moved to the categories tab. If you were disappointed by the photo gallery, you'll enjoy the categories tab. In this tab, the pictures are organized by category. Those looking for a picture of a particular church their ancestor attended can simply click on the category which gives you a map pinpointing the churches in the area, both current and historical, and a list of the churches with photos.

If you click on the church's name, it takes you to another page which gives more information on that church. Details you may find include alternate names, location, timeline of events and a brief history.


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