Indiana Resource

Several of my ancestors settled in the Evansville, Indiana area. While searching for information on them, I came across an amazing free resource in the Browning Genealogy Database. A gentleman named Charles Browning compiled obituary information from Evansville area newspapers as well as the surrounding area. The information spans from the early 1900s to present. He passed away in 2007 and his family has continued his work.

The obituary database is searchable online. Older files consist an index card with transcribed information from the obituary. More recent files (those after 1990) usually have the transcribed index card as well, but many also contain a digital image of the actual obituary, many of which that contain pictures.

There is also a local history database filled with clippings from local newspapers, which includes some marriage announcements.

If you have family in the Evansville, Indiana area, you will definitely want to check these two databases out. Access is free.


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