Free Genealogy Resource for Gilpin County, Colorado Marriages

If you have ancestors that lived in Gilpin County, Colorado, you will definitely want to check out today's free genealogy resource. The Gilpin County Brides and Grooms Marriage Index is part of the Colorado Archives. It covers the years 1864 to 1944. Colorado didn't require recording of marriage records prior to 1881 so earlier records in the index may be sporadic.

The index is organized alphabetically by surname with two separate indexes for brides and grooms. This is a really nice find as most marriage indexes are organized by groom's surname only. Just click on the first letter of your bride or groom's surname to get the list. The index includes the bride's name, groom's name and date of marriage.

If you decide you want a copy of the record, you can mail, email or call in a request. There are fees for looking up the record and making a copy of it. I looked around the site, but wasn't able to find a list of charges so you will need to contact them to find out the cost.


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