Ohio Resource

If you are searching ancestors in Preble County, Ohio, I have a free genealogy resource for you. The Genealogical and Historical Records of Preble County, Ohio is a large database provided courtesy of the Preble County District Library. The database includes records from Bibles, births, cemeteries, censuses, churches, courts, deaths, directories, estates, guardianship papers, local histories, maps, marriages, military, minutes, newspapers, obituaries, schools and wills.

To search for a record, simply type in the surname you are seeking information on and click the search button. The database will also search the given name as other parts of the name, including first name, middle name or maiden name.

The database is capable of searching partial names, a nice feature since spelling variations can sometimes make it difficult to find the person you are researching.  It will search the given letters in all parts of the name. Searching for Smith, for instance, will return records on people named Smith, Arasmith, Goldsmith, etc.

The results screen will give you the name, year of the record, record type and record ID #. Clicking on the hyperlinked text in the ID# column will take you to a page with the actual image. The image can be saved or printed. To save, right click on the image and click on save image as. To print, right-click on the image and select view image. Once the page loads, you can either hit Ctrl+P or click on file in your browser toolbar and go down to click print.


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