Looking for Guest Posters

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Do you know of a genealogy tool, information source or database that's free? Do you have a tip on dealing with a common genealogy problem (organization, brick walls, etc) or sharing your work? Do you have a great idea related to genealogy that you would like to share? Free Genealogy Resources is looking for guest posters. Let me know by sending a message through the contact link at the top of the page.

The Details
  • Posts need to be at least 200 words. Feel free to go beyond this minimum if you have a lot to say. If one post isn't enough to get all the details in, I'm open to continuing it into another post or doing a series.
  • You don't have to be a professional to contribute, although if you are, that's fine too.
  • Pictures are welcome, but not required. If you do want to use a picture in your guest post, please provide attribution so we can make sure credit is given where due. 
  • Please include a brief bio, including links to your social media accounts and website/blog(s). If my readers love what you say, they'll want to know where to find you so they can read more.
  • Posts may be edited for clarity or length, but all edits will be sent for approval prior to posting.


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