Another Way to Give Back

I'm a big fan of giving back to your community, whether its your local community or the global community. I recently came across a new site where genealogists can give back. Families for Forgotten Heroes was started in April 2011. It works similar to Unclaimed Persons, where genealogists work to find the next of kin for unclaimed individuals. The key difference is that Families for Forgotten Heroes focuses on finding next of kin for unclaimed veterans.

Volunteers are given known information on the veteran and set free to research. Once the volunteers have amassed enough data to find a family member, the requesting agency is notified so they can contact the family. For individuals who the volunteers are unable to find family for, the site maintains a database in the hope that a family member or someone who knew the veteran will find them.

In addition to helping bring our unclaimed heroes home to their families, the site also raises money for Homeless Veterans Programs and the Missing in American Project, which seeks out unclaimed veteran cremains and makes sure they get a proper military burial.


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