Free Resource for Photo Editing

This weekend, I've been playing with a new (to me anyway) photo editing program. I had found another cousin on Facebook who was sharing family pictures and I wanted to get them edited and organized on my computer. While I do have a couple editing softwares on my computer already, I remembered that I had heard a while back about a program that not only edited your photos, but also ran them through a facial recognition program to help identify the people in them. It sounded like something that could be helpful, especially for the old family photos that I have got from various people.

It didn't take me long to find the program that did it, Google Picasa. After letting it run through all my photographs, I started tagging some. It wasn't long before it started recognizing some people. The more photos that were tagged, the better it got at identifying other ones. My daughter's pictures make up the majority of my photographs so it was pretty good with her face.

One thing I like about the program is that if it isn't sure about an identification, it offers the most likely people as suggestions. Since facial features tend to be similar in family members, the suggestions were often family members.

Are these pictures of the same little girl?

Picasa often confused these three. The top picture is me as a baby, the second is my daughter and the third is my sister's daughter. As you can tell, there is a strong resemblance. The resemblance between my daughter and her cousin is strong enough that when they are together, most people assume they are sisters.


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