Resource for Adair County, Iowa Newspapers

Newspapers can hold a variety of information on our ancestors lives. In addition to announcements of births, marriages and deaths, they can allow you a peek into your ancestor's life at a specific time period.

Today's resource is the Adair County Anquestors Genealogy Society's Significant Life Events Index. The society has gone through microfilmed papers and created an index of birth, marriage, divorce, anniversary, obituary and reunion announcements. They are organized by topic. Just click on the links near the top of the page.

The birth announcements give the name of the parent (including some maiden names for mothers), sex of child, child's name (if available), newspaper name and date published. The final column, location is left blank when the child was born in Adair County, but will list the location if the child was born elsewhere.

The marriage announcements give the name of the bride and groom, newspaper name, publishing date and location. The divorce announcements page gives the couple's names, the name of the newspaper and the date the announcement appeared. The anniversaries page lists the couple, which anniversary they were celebrating, the newspaper and date published.

The obituaries announcement page is a little different because you need to know the year. After clicking on the year, you get an alphabetized list of the surname, first and middle name, maiden name for women, newspaper and date. Some years have a comments column which may offer additional information.

The reunion page is for announcements of family reunions. These are organized by name and give the family name, newspaper and date published.

It doesn't note on the page whether you can get copies of the actual newspaper announcement, but the society's main page does say that they accept research requests so you probably can get a copy for a fee.


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