Need Funds to Further Genealogy Education? Try a Writing Competition

Unfortunately, most of us aren't independently wealthy. If we want to further our genealogy education beyond what is freely available, we have to make room in our budgets to pay for it. To help you out, today's free genealogy resource is writing competitions.

The National Genealogy Society offers an annual family history writing contest. Membership ($60 for an individual) is required to enter the contest. Manuscripts must be between 4,000 and 10,000 words and cover three to four generations. All generations must have lived in Colonial America or the United States, but may have been born elsewhere. All of the progenitors children and grandchildren must be included with spouses.Citations in the form of footnotes are required.

The deadline for the contest is December 31. The winner of the contest will receive an all expense paid trip to the next NGS Conference and their manuscript may appear in the NGS Quarterly if it meets the publication's requirements. All entries will receive comments from the judges.

The Pinellas Genealogical Society also offers an annual family history writing competition. It is open to non-members and allows previously published work if a permission to reprint from the original publisher is provided. Entries must be between 1,500 and 3,000 words and cover the steps taken in the author's personal research, as well as their conclusions. Citations, both endnotes and a complete bibliography, are required.

The deadline is October 31. Prizes are $50 for first place, $30 for second place and $20 for third place. The entry may also be published in the Pinellas Genealogist.

The American Society of Genealogists offers an annual scholar award. It doesn't appear that membership is required to enter the contest. There are three aspects of the entry. The first is the resume, which is geared towards genealogical activities and lists any publications the author has appeared in. The second is the writing part. Applicants must submit a manuscript or published work of at least 5,000 words that shows their ability to do sound genealogical research, analyze results and report findings, with all sources documented. The final requirement is a statement noting the program the entrant would like to attend and why they feel it would be helpful..

Entries are due by September 31. The prize is a $500 stipend that can be used towards tuition and expenses for attending the Institute of Genealogy Research and History in Birmingham, Alabama; the National Institute on Genealogical Research in Washington, D.C.; or Boston University's Certificate Program in Genealogical Research.


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