Free Genealogy Resource for Revolutionary War Records

Many of us can trace one, if not more, ancestor back to the Revolutionary War, which was fought from April 1775 to September 1783. Because today's free genealogy resource is a volunteer effort, they have chosen to limit their information to those that fought in the Southern Campaign or to those living in the states of Virginia, the Carolinas or Georgia.

Southern Campaigns offers both Revolutionary War pension statements and rosters. These are provided by volunteers who have taken the time to transcribe the original documents for inclusion on the site. If you would like to participate in the project, information on the process is in a box near the top of the linked page.

You can search or browse for your ancestor. Once you find the name you're looking for, clicking on it will load a PDF file that contains the transcription of the document. You will need Adobe Reader (a free download) to be able to view the files.

One thing I like about the search feature is that it doesn't just search for your ancestor's statement. It also searches for them in all the transcriptions of the site. So even if no one has transcribed your ancestor's records yet, you still get results if they are mentioned in someone else's records.

Pension statements can offer a wealth of information, not just genealogy facts. In addition to dates and locations, the statement may also include information on their activities during the war, as well as after the war. It's really quite interesting to read, even if your ancestor isn't included in the records to date.


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