North Dakota Resource

If you have ancestors from North Dakota or what was once the Dakota Territories, you will want to check out North Dakota Gravestones. Like South Dakota Gravestones, which I talked about in yesterday's post Free Genealogy Resource for South Dakota, you have three options to find gravestones on the site.

You can search, browse by surname or browse by cemetery. The search interface is simple. Just select whether you want to search all counties or a single one and add a first or last name, either full or partial. When the search is complete, it returns an alphabetical list of names matching your search terms.

Browsing by surname or cemetery requires knowing the county or working your way through the list county by county. Cemeteries are arranged alphabetically. Clicking one takes you to another page which lists the people interred in the cemetery alphabetically. An asterisk designates special features which include the cemetery sign, a photograph of the entire cemetery or special monuments.


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