Free Resource to Help with Writing Family History

At some point in building your family tree, you may decide to share your work. Whether you plan to share only with your family members or the genealogy world at large, you want to present your research in the best possible light. With that in mind, today's free genealogy resource is Genwriters.

If you're not familiar with the website, it is the brainchild of Phyllis Matthews Ziller, M.L.I.S. She is editor of several genealogical publications. She designed the website to assist genealogists in writing their family histories.

Tips and resources are provided to help you from start to finish. The Getting Started section teaches you the basics of genealogy and has a list of recommended genealogy books. Whether you check these books out at your local library or purchase them for addition to your personal genealogy library, definitely check them out.

The Research Resources section will lead you beyond the census and vital records to other items for use in your genealogy research. If you haven't found your ancestor in the places you have been looking, maybe this section will hold the key for you.

The Social History section will help you flesh out the details of your ancestors. Knowing what was going on during an ancestor's life can help you better understand them. It also adds life to your story.

The Writing Resources section walks you the process of organizing your information, writing your family's story and getting it ready for publication. The resources in this section include primers on grammar, composition and punctuation; legal terminology and translation services.


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