Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. In honor of that, today's free genealogy resources focus on tracing your Native American ancestry. Throughout the month, I will be posting with more resources so keep an eye out.

Access Genealogy has a number of Native American genealogy resources. These include information on the various tribes, rolls, census schedules, and cemetery records, just to name a few. Also included in this freebie are articles on proving your Native American ancestry. One feature I noted that I haven't saw a lot of on other sites is information on Canadian tribes.

If you're not familiar with RootsWeb, it is the free side of One of the things I love about it is the user-submitted databases. They often have information not found elsewhere and best of all, it's totally free. When tracing your Indian roots, you will definitely want to check out the Native American Data. The surname is required and you can narrow your search further by adding a first name, tribe or record type. When the results of your search come up, be sure to click on the more info hyperlink. It gives a lot more detail, including others with the same family.

Finding information and some digitized documents are available on the National Archives Native American Records page. Just scroll down the list to find the records you think you are likely to find your ancestor in. Then click on the hyperlink which takes you to information on finding the records in the Archival Research Catalog. Information you can expect to find is the Final Rolls, Indian scout pension files, selected documents from various Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) offices, photographs and more.

You don't hear a lot about African-Native American genealogy. While it is known that some Africans lived with the Native Americans, not many people realize that some lived as slaves or intermarried with the tribes. The African-Native American Genealogy website has a number of free genealogy resources for tracing these individuals.

Do you have Native American roots? Does family lore have it that there is Indian blood in your ancestry?


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