A Few of My Genealogy Blog Favorites

Most of the resources I have posted here at Free Genealogy Resources are databases and transcriptions so I thought I'd try something different. Today, I'm focusing on a few of my favorite genealogy blogs. Some are entertaining, some are informative, but I never fail to come away from these blogs with something, be it a smile or a new angle of attack on a stubborn ancestor.

Clue Wagon

I came across Kerry Wagon's Clue Wagon blog a couple weeks ago and have been smiling ever since. It's hard not to when you're reading posts such as Confession: I Hired a Genealogy Psychic and In Which I Let My Freak Flag Fly. If you haven't came across this blog yet, take a few minutes to check it out.


Authored by Randy Seaver, the Genea-Musings blog is a combination of genealogy news, personal family history research, tips and advice. Surnames you can expect to find include Seaver, Whittle, Keyes, Carringer, Trimmer and more.

Ask Olive Tree Genealogy

Readers write in to the Ask Olive Tree Genealogy blog to have their questions answered by Lorine McGinnis Schulze. Everything from brick wall ancestors to how to questions are answered. Even if you don't have the same issue, you can still pick up some tips and maybe unearth a few new resources.


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