Cumberland County, North Carolina Resource

If you have ancestors from Cumberland County, North Carolina, the Register of Deeds offers a free genealogy resource for land records. Records go back to 1754 and appear to go through present day. To get started, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the acknowledge disclaimer link.

Once you arrive at the initial page, you will have three options. The first option, the full system, allows you to search from 1984 to present. The second, the imaging system, allows you to retrieve images from 1754 to present. The third is scanned index books from 1754 to July 4, 1985.

Full System Search

Clicking on it takes you to another screen where you have to select 1994-current, 1984-1994 or 1984-current. Selecting one of the options will load another options screen to the right side of the page where you can choose to search by grantor/grantee, grantor, grantee, instrument number, book and page, or file.

Clicking on the first three will load a screen just below requesting name type (person or business), instrument type, name and file date range. The instrument number option requests instrument number and year range. Book and page are self-explanatory. File asks for file date range and instrument type. It appears that not all fields are required on these, only the red lettered request boxes.

Once you have selected your search criteria, another screen will load below with your search results. Checking the box beside the name will load yet another screen below that gives information on the transaction including parties, date, instrument number, book and page, type of instrument and property location. To view the document image, just click on the image button on the right side of the transaction information.

Imaging System

To search this system, you need to know the book and page number. This search screen asks you to select deed, plat or condo, then asks for book and page number. Personally, I didn't find this search very helpful as you pretty much have to already know that the document is there before you can look for it.

Scanned Index Books

It appears you can search this part two different ways. Assuming you don't already know the book and page number, your best bet is the search on the left side of the page. First, you will need to select grantee or grantor. Next, select year range. The next request is to note whether it is a person or company and type in the name. You will get to the images at that point.

The search interface is a little clunky and time-intensive, but as a free genealogy resource, you can't complain.


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