Beloit, Wisconsin Resource

Today's free genealogy resource is the Beloit Historical Society. Clicking on the Beloit history tab will yield several items of interest to genealogists. It is broken down into four sections-about Beloit, wars, people of Beloit and photos.

The first section, about Beloit, doesn't offer a wealth of genealogical data, but is still worth taking a look if your family is from the area. There are names mentioned in some of the articles, especially the physician history.

The wars section offers more information to fill in your family tree. Cannongate, Lincoln Conspiracy and the Underground Railroad offer some names, but focus more on the historical aspect. The real find, though, is the service records for the Civil War and World War I. The Civil War records give the soldier's name, place of burial (if in Beloit), service information and death information. If the individual's name is on the memorial at the Logan Museum, that is noted as well.

The WWI Service Records are for casualties between April 6, 1917 and November 11, 1918. Entries give the individual's name, rank, unit and cause of death. A couple of the names have additional information such as military honors or siblings who also served.

If your ancestor is one of the ones named in the people of Beloit section, it could be a nice free genealogy resource for you. This section includes Albert Wirz, Johnny Watts, Roy Chapman Andrews and a couple names in Beloit's aviation history.

The photos section currently only holds four photographs. The first two are of the town. The third photo appears to be an old map of the town. The last photograph is of an unidentified individual with an early automobile in front of a home (also unidentified).


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