Using Social Networking as a Genealogy Tool: MySpace

This post is the second in a series on using social networking sites as tool for genealogy. Keep an eye out for future posts in the series.

Like Facebook, MySpace has groups. The Genealogy group boasts over 4,600 members so it gets a lot of traffic, which increases the odds of you coming across someone who can help you fill in the blanks of your family tree. In the forums, you can share the surnames you are researching or ask for help.

You can find other more specialized groups such as German Genealogy, Finnish Genealogy, Jewish Genealogy and Native American Genealogy, just to name a few. There are also several state specific groups as well. Most of the groups you will find tend to be smaller and less busy than the larger main group. However, they can still be helpful as free genealogy resources.

There are also a few family groups for specific surnames. Personally, I had better luck finding surname groups on Facebook, but if Facebook didn't have one for your name, you might want to give MySpace groups a shot. Just browing, I was able to find family groups for the Hickey Family and the Neal Family.


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