Cheshire, England Resource

If your family comes from the Cheshire Parish of England, the Cheshire Parish Register Project is one free genealogy resource you don't want to miss. Like many genealogy-related projects, this is a work in progress. Participants in the project are transcribing the information found in the parish registers of the county of Cheshire. It includes baptisms, marriages and burial in the county.

You access the search screen by selecting Dababase on the left side of the page. Once the database page loads, you have to scroll down to select the type of event (baptism, marriage or burial) to search. Unfortunately, the database doesn't appear to be capable of searching all events at one time so you have to keep going back to the original search screen if you want to check other events.

The next page has a dropdown allowing you to choose the parish code. If you're not sure which one is correct, you can search all of them. Below that is a box to put in the surname you wish to search. Then just click on the submit query button to begin your search.

The results screen has a column for notes, parish, full, dated, surname, forename, residence and keycode. In the notes column, you may see a green dot. This indicates that there is a note attached to the record. Notes are compiled from other sources and may have information on the individual that is unrelated to the record.

Selecting the circle in the full column and clicking on the button below it will take you to the full record, which may or may not offer more information than the results screen.

The database doesn't offer a great deal of information as most registers didn't offer a lot. However, if you're trying to nail down a date or location, it can be helpful as a free genealogy resource.


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