Another Civil War Resource

Today I have another free genealogy resource for those researching Civil War era ancestors. Bits of Blue and Gray is the name of this one. It does not appear to have been updated recently, but it still offers some good information.

In the archive, you will find a variety of information. There are biographies on some individuals including Thomas Nast, stories about battles, Civil War trivia, information on genealogy research into Civil War ancestors, picture tours through various Civil War sites and more.

The letters section contains correspondence from soldiers to family members. Many of the letters are from the Levi McCormick family, but there are others as well. They talk about the soldier's exploits, thoughts and feelings. Some also reference the family members waiting at home.

The main free genealogy resources on the site are the DE Roster of Union Soldiers and the Fourth Delaware Regiment Infantry. The roster lists the name, alternate name, regiment, company and rank when available. Some entries also have additional information in the misc column such as birth and death information. A few names are hyperlinked. Clicking on the name will take you to a page with photographs and sometimes information on the individual.

The Fourth Delaware Regiment Infantry lists the officers and soldiers in the companies. Some names have a letter to the right of them which indicates whether they were killed in action, died of wounds, wounded, died of disease or died of accident. Again, you will find a few hyperlinked names.

The Nicknames section doesn't offer much genealogical information, but it may come in handy at some point. It gives the nicknames for some of the regiments and brigades. So if you come across a reference to an ancestor being part of the Fighting Three Hundred, you will know that means they were in Indiana's 20th Regiment.

If you have time and are interested, poke around the site a little. There's a lot of great stuff to find.


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