Another West Virginia Genealogy Resource

While looking into my West Virginia roots, I came across the Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants website. While not everything on the website is free, there are still enough free genealogy resources for it to be worth taking a look.

The site focuses mostly on the counties of central West Virginia-Barbour, Braxton, Doddridge, Gilmer, Harrison, Lewis, Monongalia, Upshur and Webster-but also offers some genealogy data for other counties as well. The group also has a genealogy library located in Lewis County. If you find a reference to your ancestor in their online card catalog, you can email or snail mail a request for a lookup. It appears that a simple lookup will be answered for free, but more extensive research requires a fee. If you happen to be in the area, you can also visit the library.

Another free genealogy resource offered by the website is the Norman files. It traces the genealogy of many West Virginia families starting with the oldest known ancestor and working forward towards the present. Some are more extensive than others. As with any shared genealogical data, you should use this as a guide, rather than a source.

The site also offers some cemetery transcriptions, muster rolls, photographs, transcriptions of land books, court minutes transcriptions, military information, history of Hackers Creek and more.

Several HCPD members have personal websites offering genealogy information on their families. You can find the list by clicking on the HCPD Data tab on the left side of the page. As I've noted before, it should be used as a guide only.


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