Free Research Guides

If you are new to genealogy or even stuck on a certain individual in your family tree, research outlines can be helpful. Research outlines can vary depending on who organized them. Typically, they point you in the right direction to find the records you seek. Some may also list regional resources.

Family Search Research Guides-Most people familiar with Family Search as a genealogy tool fail to realize that it also provides a good number of research guides. To access the research outlines, just click the first letter of the state or country. Then scroll down until you find the guides for that place. The research outline not only provides a listing of the library's holdings for that area, but also where to find church records, court records and more. Be sure to check out the other guides as there is a wealth of information to be found.

Research Outline for German Genealogy-Lots of great information on this page. Resources are broken down by category so you can easily locate what you need.

Catholic Genealogy Research Guide
-If ancestors were Catholic, this research guide is not to be missed. It explains the type of records you can find and how to go about finding them. If your Catholic ancestors came from other countries, scroll down until you see the world map and click on the link for their region. On the next page, click the link for their country and you will get links to Catholic records there.

Genealogy Research Guide for England and Wales-While this free genealogy resource does not directly link you to the resources you need, it does give a lot of information that will help in your search.

Guide to Irish Genealogical Research-This started out as a study group project in 1997, but has turned into an excellent tool for those doing research into Irish ancestors. It covers Irish history, tells you where to find records, shares some donated transcriptions and more.


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