Free Genealogy Software

I recently came across another free program for use in genealogy. It is called the ScionPC Genealogical Management System. One of my favorite features of this program is how liberal it is. Some family tree programs stick to conventional relationships-husband, wife and children. With ScionPC, you can link a couple without marriage, regardless of their sex. Adopted children can easily be added to the family.

The program is portable. It easily fits on a USB flash drive allowing you to take both the program and your genealogy research with you wherever you go.

With ScionPC you can run a wide variety of reports including personal or family indexes, family group sheets, descendency or Ahnentafel charts, source lists and time lines. For those still researching their family tree (who isn't?), there is an option to run research reports which will note start of the line ancestors, unlinked individuals and errors and consistencies.

One really neat feature of the program is the ability to generate web pages from the program. You can use the default option or customize your web pages. Pages generated include a name index, evidence index, albums index, personal pages and statistics page.

I will admit I found one flaw with this genealogy program, albeit a personal one. I'm a visual person and like to see the tree while I'm working. You can't really do that with this program. Other than that detail, I like the program.


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